We Offers 24/7 emergency services. We are fully operated and licensed & insured.

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We Offers 24/7 emergency services. We are fully operated and licensed & insured.

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Fast Full Services

Water line repair & replacement, Drain line repair & replacement Sump pump & well pump repairs, Water pressure issues, Leaking pipes and much more.

In-Line Video Cam

Specially made waterproof cameras allow for a visual inspection of sewer lines and other pipes that are underground, in cement and under your home’s foundation.

Welcome to CMS Plumbing Corp

CMS Plumbing is the most respected providers of plumbing service as well as repairs with over 20 years of plumbing and
sprinklers experience. With so many years of experience under our belts we have earned the trust and respect of many customers in
Palm Beach and Broward Counties. We are recognized not only as the best in the business, but as trusted friends for service.

  • leak detection

    Do you think you have a water leak and don't know where it's coming from? Maybe you have a dripping tap, leaking toilet or weak plumbing? Whatever the case, detecting a water leak is a very important issue, not to be taken lightly. It can also cause damage to your home if left unattended.

  • water line repair

    High volume water leaks frequently come from toilets. They're hard to detect and are normally caused by worn or out of line parts. It is important that you get a broken pipe fixed as fast as possible by a trained professional so that you can get your water up and running again.

  • bathroom plumbing

    Sometimes, it’s just not feasible to vent only the sink, maybe because a shower or tub is sitting too far away, or maybe because one fixture’s drainpipe does not connect to the main bathroom drainpipe, which is usually the line running from the commode. When this occurs, an additional vent is necessary.

  • plumbing repair

    Do you have dripping faucets? These are signs of plumbing trouble that need professional attention ASAP. Don't ignore it or live with it. Call CMS Plumbing to cure your plumbing problem, from routine work to serious troubleshooting in your home or office.

Client's Testimonials

Every customer's individual are important to us at CMS Plumbing CORP.


My technician Wilner was wonderful. He was very professional and represented the CMS plumbing corp company well and he went through everything step by step and left me very confident and pleased with the result.

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Commercial Plumbing Services

Popular Services

  • Water heater repair & replacement

    We offers 24-hour emergency water heater service, so you will have hot water again as quickly as possible.

  • kitchen Faucets replacement

    For the best value on Kitchen faucet replacement contact us today.

  • clog & drain cLEANING

    Remember, if you can't clear a clog after a few attempts, turn the job over to us we are licensed plumber.

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Here's a few plumbing tips from us!


  • Check each faucet in your home for leaks; a slow drip can waste several gallons per day.

  • To help conserve water pressure and temperature, run the washing machine and dishwasher in the evening.

  • To see if your toilet is leaking, remove the tank lid and add food coloring to the water in the tank. Check the bowl in 15 minutes and see if the water is colored. If so, the flapper valve may be leaking.

  • Do not pour cooking oils or fats down the drain, since they can solidify in the pipes and create clogs.

  • Set your water heater to 120°F for optimum performance
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